Net Game

Net Game T, 3, 2:11.4 H $1,612 (pedigree)
At 2, 3rd in Egyptian Colt Stakes at Carmi. At 3, 3rd in Big Ten Stakes at Altamont. Race timed in 2:09h.

  • Sire: All in the Game T, 4, 2:03.3F $9,579
  • Dam: Lenette Hill T, 3, 2:10.4 H $9,118
  • Sire of Dam: B.F. Coaltown T, 3, 2:00.1M $78,845
  • Dam of 8 of racing age, 6 raced, 3 winners, including:
    • Net Connection (G) 4, 2:01.2F $14,551 by Swiss Connection 5 wins.
      At 2, winner Big Ten Stakes at Griggsville, MWIRA Stakes at Peterburg and NICA Stakes at Morrison; 2nd MWIRA Stakes at Carrollton and Lincoln; 3d Carlinville and NICA Stakes at Belvidere. At 3, 2nd in Big Ten Stakes at Taylorville.