About Us

Mary Lea Jeffers Farm traces its roots back to Mary Lea’s dad, Leslie Miles, who returned to his love affair with horses after retiring from a successful career in dairy, cattle and grain farming. Entering the business in 1970, Mary Lea and Albert Jeffers launched Mary Lea Jeffers Farm in 1985.

The farm consists of 500 beautiful rolling acres of pasture, woods and ponds in the heartland of Illinois. Although Flat Rock isn’t found on many maps (at least outside of Crawford County), we wouldn’t call ourselves rustic. We are firmly in the 21st century with state-of-the-art foaling and a stallion barn with a fully equipped lab.

We have been dubbed “The Little Farm that Produces Winners – Consistently” and that suits us just fine. We breed for heart and speed, and we believe every yearling that leaves our farm can be a winner. We don’t need to be a big operation to do that. We have the time to be attentive to every single horse.

We produce and bale our own blend of alfalfa and grass hay here on the farm.  Good nutrition grows strong bones and muscles on our yearlings.

During just one week this summer, we had horses we bred, raised and sold racing in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, California and Canada. With an annual crop of about 20 yearlings, even we were amazed at how many of our 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds and older horses were on the track. We know the industry averages. In the Illinois Pacing Sire Statistics for 2018, we are delighted to see that 86% of Party at Artsplace’s offspring racing in 2018 were winners! No other Illinois stallion comes even close to that average!

Here in our little corner of the world, we don’t need economies of scale to be successful.

We’re happy just to be producing winners, one horse at a time. Consistently!