Honor Roll

A listing of $100,000 winners that we have bred and raised.

  • Pa-High $227,613 1:55.1m (High Falls-Pa-More)
  • Run and Tell Pap $724,889 1:53.2f (High Falls-Adele’s Jade)
  • Highmaker $159,489 1:55.0m (High Falls-Merrymaker Lobell)
  • Go Merrily Along $136,344 1:58.4h (High Falls-Merry Game)
  • Heidi Falls $212,959 1:55.1m (High Falls-Swiss Hill)
  • Hi-Tri $105,905 1:57.0m (High Falls-All Ima)
  • Merry High $129,767 1:56.3m (High Falls-Merry Game)
  • Swiss Lightning $108,782 1:54.4f (High Falls-Swiss Hill)
  • Jeffers Party $408,258 p1:51.4f (Party at Artsplace-Nice ‘N Big)
  • Party Hangover $371,609 p1:51.1m (Party at Artsplace-Maura Hanover)
  • Splended Party $184,889 p1:52.1h (Party at Artsplace-Park Lane Splendor)
  • Party Hangover Two $163,376 p1:52.4m (Party at Artsplace-Maura Hanover)
  • Summer Party $160,572 p1:54.0m (Party at Artsplace-Summer Sunrise)
  • Atomic Art $160,463 p1:52.0f (Party at Artsplace-Playful Nukes)
  • You’re News $157,823 p1:52.0f (Party at Artsplace-You’re in the News)
  • She’s Automatic $157,136 p1:54.4h (Party at Artsplace-Playful Nukes)
  • Prize Art $154,563 p1:50.2m (Party at Artsplace-Nice Prize)
  • Lavern’s Art $163,133 p1:52.0f (Party at Artsplace-Meri Lynn Legacy)
  • Mimosa Party $152,952 p1:52.3m (Party at Artsplace-Meri Lynn Legacy)
  • Ten Big Soldiers $149,693 p1:50.4m (Party at Artsplace-Meri Lynn Legacy)
  • Party News $132,558 (Party at Artsplace-You’re in the News)
  • Lady’s Party $122,707 p1:52.3s (Party at Artsplace-Murvys Lady)
  • Lil Miss Knuckles $114,669 p1:54.1m (Party at Artsplace-Breif Wars)
  • Gentle Janet $112,949 p1:53.4m (Party at Artsplace-Dinuba N)
  • Gary’s Party $101,857 p1:51.3f (Party at Artsplace-Nice ‘N Big)
  • Legal Brief $114,018 p1:51.4m (Party at Artsplace-Breif Wars)
  • Swiss Laux $132,940 (Swiss Connection)


Other $100,000 winners bred at our farm:

  • Southern Maebelle $207,670 1:55.4m (High Falls-Summer in the City)
  • My Metallica $287,851 p1:51.1m (Party at Artsplace-Princess Pacific)
  • Whiskersonkittens $262,650 p1:51.0m (Party at Artsplace-Out of the West)
  • Party at Joyces $256,349 p1:53.0f (Party at Artsplace-Alicia Blue Chip)
  • She’s a Pegase $148,624 p1:53.2f (Party at Artsplace-Fox Valley Evanna)
  • Sadie’s Art $102,143 p1:52.3s (Party at Artsplace-Sadie Sarnel)
  • Wailing Party $99,074 p1:51.3f (Party at Artsplace-Wailing Wilma)
  • High Falls

Breed one of your outstanding mares to one of our stallions, or buy one of our yearlings, and we’ll soon be adding the name of your horse to our list