Valentino (pedigree)

Standing at Mary Lea Jeffers Farm is our newest stallion, VALENTINO. A very well-bred son of Rocknroll Hanover (p1:48.3, $2,754,038), Valentino has a record of p1:49.3M, and winnings of $812,542. His outstanding pedigree goes all the way back to Scotland (1925) in his 5th generation, and includes giants that have shaped today’s Standardbred: Albatross, Meadow Skipper, Noble Victory, Most Happy Fella, No Nukes, and Cam Fella. You have to go back to the 4th generation to find one that doesn’t have a win record, and out of 62 ancestors, there are only 3 without a record! That makes Valentino the descendent of 59 winners! As of 2020, with 45 registered foals, he had 28 starters (62%), with 11 in 2:05, 9 in 2:00, 2 in 1:55, and 1 $100,000 Winner! The babies he throws are strong, with friendly dispositions, and they tend to take on the size of their dam. You will not be disappointed if you breed your dam to Valentino!

2023 Stud Fee $2500